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Well what a wonderful way to start the new year for Modern Heat with awards, glory, international recognition! Must be all those lovely round numbers in 2008. Can a year be sexy? Anyhoo, here's some good stuff warming the cockles of our hearts right about now...

Kate Hardy has been nominated for the RNA's Romance Prize, the only category romance prize up for grabs in the UK. BREAKFAST AT GIOVANNI'S was her 25th book and will be out in North America in April as IN BED WITH HER ITALIAN BOSS.

Julie Cohen joins her with DRIVING HIM WILD, which happens to be coming out in North America in February as HIS FOR THE TAKING.

Heidi Rice and Nicola Marsh won the Cataromance Reviewers' Choice awards for Best Modern Extra Romance for THE MILE HIGH CLUB and TWO WEEK MISTRESS respectively.

Ally Blake appeared on "A Current Affair", a nightly TV show down under where she talked about writing sexy books while wearing tracky pants and ugh boots. Hmmm, possibly not the glamorous image she ought to have invoked ;). Check it out on YouTube!

Natalie Anderson sold her fifth book. Woohoo! And TWO people living in North America emailed her to they saw ALL NIGHT WITH THE BOSS on the shelves and bought it! :) Which was exciting enough for her until she heard that it was a Waldenbooks Bestseller as well!!!

Nat is also blogging at eHarlequin about "Falling For the Boss". Head on over for daily pics of hot guys in suits. Mmmmm... Just like this gratuitous one of the divine Hugh Jackman, the mascot of romance authors everywhere.

How much better will the rest of the year be??? Well you're just gonna have to come back and back and back to find out ;).

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