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0600 – Wake up (if I haven’t already). Hubby gets up and does the breakfast thing for all the kids. I open laptop and try to write for an hour – catching all the things I thought of during the night. Or maybe I just laze in bed for the hour ‘thinking through plot problems’ (it’s still ‘working’ right?)

0700 – Fly from bed, down the stairs, into shower. Fifteen minutes later appear in kitchen dressed and ready to go.

0730 – Wonder Husband leaves for work and the chaos begins.

0731 – 1730 Ensure all four kids are dressed, have had brekky, teeth and hair brushed, load dishwasher, put pile of washing in machine and possibly hang the stuff already washed but more than likely stick it straight in the dryer cos I don’t have time to hang it cos its 0815 and time to walk the four year old to kindy using a combination of double buggy, skateboards and scooters to transport all the kids, walk back and take the 3 year old and the babies to music group or a playdate, have morning tea and then go collect 4 year old from morning kindy and then get them all home and feed them lunch, stand and scoff own scrappy lunch before getting them all clean/changed again and then head straight out the door again to take three year old to afternoon kindy and then hurry to get four year old to swimming or gymnastics or violin or maybe just some time to play at home and get the babies to snooze and snack and then turn around and get the three year old from afternoon kindy and then go home again (the babies are very used to transport happily) and organise dinner (this usually means defrost something I made ahead in the weekend because I don’t have time to cook during the day) and I’m exhausting myself just typing this and then feed the kids and stand and scoff own dinner and try to leave some for Wonder Husband who comes home starving because he always works through his lunchbreak and then clean the mess that is the dining floor since the two babies have tossed everything off their highchair trays and suddenly remember the load of washing still in the machine and go to stick it straight into the dryer but the load already in there isn’t quite dry yet so have big backlog happening and there’s already a huge pile of clean and dry but as yet unfolded on the bed in the spare room meanwhile the three and four year olds plug in the vacuum cleaner and give the messy bit in a middle of the room a once over (train them young I say) and then we all head to the window in the front room with our noses pressed on the pane as we all wait for…

1730 (hopefully!) – Wonder Husband!!! He walks in, quickly gets changed, baths the babies, gets pudding for the big kids, stands and scoffs own dinner while I bath big kids, sort pjs and then he reads to big kids while I feed and put babies to bed and then big kids go to bed and fingers crossed they all go to sleep within thirty seconds and won’t wake again ‘til 0700 the next morning.


1900 – Phew. All the kids are asleep? If so, time to wake myself up. Chocolate is a good start. Then procrastinate on the Internet for twenty minutes reading the eHarlequin Online reads and other blogs etc.

1930 – Head away from Internet connected computer and to the laptop where I try to work on the WIP for a couple of hours (or until a baby cries). Wonder Husband chills with a glass of red wine, the Economist and bad eighties anthems belting out on YouTube.

2200 – Spend the night semi awake/asleep and dreaming about the book in the gazillion number of times I get up to deal with babies or kids. Invariably end up sharing bed with some combination of all of them. Remind myself that one day I will get some sleep. Probably when I’m old and don’t need it so much any more! Wake at 0600 the next day to start all over again…

OK. So it’s busy. BUT I LOVE IT.

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  • At September 2, 2010 at 2:26 PM, Blogger AliceAnderson said…

    0600 - that totally made me laugh. Sounds like a jam packed day. I so admire writer moms. My life is hectic enough with a business, hubby, two kitties and a dog...with big brown puppy dog eyes.


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