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Kate Hardy :: Under the Spotlight

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~ Tell us about your first crush?

The first one I remember was on a boy at school. He was tall, dark, handsome and… sigh, Italian. (He was also a really nice guy and didn’t give me a hard time about it – when you’re one of the cool crowd, it must be embarrassing having the short, round nerd in the class fancying you.) He never did ask me out. But I’ve always loved writing Italian heroes. (I should point out here, before my husband gets grumpy about it, that most of my heroes are tall, dark and handsome with gorgeous blue eyes, just like my real-life hero.)

~ Who is your favourite fictional romantic hero?

That’s a difficult one. I think probably Henry King in Diana Norman’s The Vizard Mask (which is the best historical romance ever, set in the plague years and Restoration London). He’s the kind of hero I also love writing – he’s clever, handsome, very much his own man and doesn’t give a damn about money or position. He helps the heroine see her own true worth. And he’s just – oh-h-h.

~ Show us your favourite ever cover?

That’s a toughie. Do I have to stick with one? I write for two lines, remember…

My favourites are The Cinderella Project – I love the monochrome moodiness (and the architecture!!!) and The Italian GP’s Bride (because it’s so romantic, and it’s Italy, and I have this thing about Italy…)

~ Do you have a favourite city in which you set your novels? If so why is it such a sexy city?

A lot of mine are set in London – and for me it’s the architecture that makes it sexy. That and the history (oh, dear – I can see my editor looking nervous already. And I have a reputation now because of the lamp-posts in The Cinderella Project). But if I could, I would set all my books in Norwich because it’s just the most amazing city. Again, it’s the architecture and the history that does it for me. (Just go and read my history books and you’ll see why I love the place so much.)

~ Who do you use as hero inspiration more than any other man?

Actually, I have a ‘totty gallery’ above my desk. (This has really amused the journalists who come round… until they look closer, and then they start drooling.) But there are three in particular who’ve inspired me. All superb actors, all with beautiful voices and incredible eyes. (And yeah, they’re all tall, dark and handsome.) Antonio Banderas, Rufus Sewell and Richard Armitage. And these pics will explain why…

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