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~ Tell us about your first crush?

That would be a toss-up between Milan Dedic, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. As I couldn’t sit behind Paul and Steve in assembly and daydream about them or hang out at the bus stop hoping to share the bus home, I probably got more swoon mileage out of Milan. That said, when The Towering Inferno was playing at The Shepherd’s Bush Odeon I did go and see it four times in one day – getting a seriously numb bumin the process — to prove my undying devotion to its two stars.

~ Who is your favourite fictional romantic hero?

Assuming you’re talking about ones I’ve written (as ones I haven’t written are way to many to mention), it would have to be my first published hero Monroe Latimer in Bedded by a Bad Boy. Monroe’s a super-sexy Harley-riding ex-con with a really tough past whose tender side is so well hidden only my heroine can uncover it – but when she does, well, wow.

~ Do you have a favourite city in which you set your novels? If so why is it such a sexy city?

Although it really ought to be London, where I’ve lived my whole life and a city I love, I’m going to have to say New York. My husband was born there (in the South Bronx, no less). We eloped there in 1994 (getting married the day before watching Ireland beat Italy in the World Cup!) and went back for my 40th birthday when my siblings gave me a luxury weekend at the Waldorf as a pressie. I absolutely adore it – its energy, its resilience and its wild enthusiasm for life — and I think riding on the subway, eating spaghetti and meatballs in Little Italy, watching the World Cup match, going to a Yankees game and, last but not least, having my photo taken with my new husband and my plastic posey outside Manhattan City Hall are just about the most romantic things I’ve ever done. My husband would disagree about the World Cup mind you as he comes from Italian-American stock and was supporting Italy.

~ Who do you use as hero inspiration more than any other man?

This is a tough one, because I use lots of different guys to inspire me for my different heroes. Monroe, my tough/tender loner from my first book Bedded by a Bad Boy was inspired by three of my main men: Steve McQueen, Sawyer from Lost and Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront. Jack Devlin, my best-selling crime novelist with a dark past from my second book The Mile High Club was definitely inspired by Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair (anyone remember Pierce’s naked butt in that film, who wouldn’t be inspired by it!). But someone who always inspires me, hormonally speaking, is Johnny Depp. He’s my age, speaks French (which I have always aspired to do), is a bit of a rogue and well, he’s gorgeous. I’d even snog him as Jack Sparrow with those dodgy teeth (although I may have forgotten to mention that to my husband).

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