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champers all 'round!

First Anne Oliver won the Romantic Book of the Year Award in Australia. Then, not wanting to let the side down ;), Kate Hardy won the RNA Romance Prize in the UK.

Now, just when you thought Modern Heat couldn't get any cooler...

...Kelly Hunter and Heidi Rice have both been nominated for the Contemporary Series RITA award for the best books of 2007!

about the award

The RITA is the most prestigious and coveted romance writing award there is. It is the Oscar of the romance writing community, complete with fabulous gold statuette.

Acording the the Romance Writers of America website: "Up to 1,200 romance novels from 12 different categories are entered each year in the RITA competition." Phew!

This July the winner will be announced at the RWA conference in San Francisco.

about the nominees


Mia Fletcher has just inherited a dilapidated colonial hotel in the heart of Penang from the mother she never knew. She’s tempted to stay and restore it. Even more tempted to find out what she can about her mysterious mother… And enigmatic hotelier Ethan Hamilton can help her do both.

There’s just one catch. He’s the son of the man her mother ran off with. And she’s hopelessly, outrageously attracted to him…

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What would you do if you got caught hiding out in the Ritz Hotel bathtub of a tall, dark and hunky stranger? If you're gutsy London editorial assistant Mel Rourke and the stranger is elusive best-selling American crime novelist Jack Devlin you'd have the steamiest, sexiest, one night stand of your life. But the morning after, Mel ends up with the opportunity of her career that she just doesn't want. Forced into accompanying Jack on a jet-set book tour to Paris and New York, Mel knows she's in danger of falling head over heels for a man who trusts women about as much as he trusts reporters... Which is not at all. Now to save her heart, all she has to do is resist the irresistible...

You can grab a copy through Harlequin Presents Collections in North America in March! (as The Millionaire's Blackmail Bargain)

Good luck gals! You've done us all here at Modern Heat so proud!

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  • At June 21, 2008 at 2:08 PM, Blogger Aideen said…

    Hello Ladies,

    Big congratulations to the winners, and then a big congratulations to each and every one of you.
    I've been reading Mills & Boon since I discovered my first love at fifteen and I love them. But I'm certain that by now, having read across all the lines, Modern Heat are my favourites. Maybe because I'm 31 and there's definitely a younger vibe to them but I suspect its because of how fabulously they are written.
    I'm not lucky enough to live in the city so sometimes miss out on releases but so far I've read Trish, Natalie, Julie, Ally, Nicola, Robyn & Susan. Clearly I still have a few more authors to snap up and this is one of my goals for the summer.
    Anyway, just wanted to pop by and wish ye all the best and I hope ye continue to write such sizzling page turners for me. And all the other fans too but really, keep me happy!!

    Being the official Irish Trish stalker I have to say Hi here, so, Hi Trish.

    All the best,


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