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Accidentally educated in the sciences, Kelly Hunter has always had a weakness for fairytales, fantasy worlds, and losing herself in a good book. Husband… yes. Children… teenage boys. Cooking and cleaning… sigh. Sports… no, not really – in spite of the best efforts of her family. Travel… yes, the suitcase is always packed. Just because.

Kelly began writing romance when she was living and working in outstation Malaysia. Outstation meaning not in a big city and nowhere near an expat community.

There were no books in English and my Mandarin is woeful so I was fast going crazy. One day, at the back of this strange little shop, I found a dusty row of used Mills and Boons that the wives of the British Royal Engineers had left there way back when. One row. And they were old, very old. There were governesses and virgin brides, sweet orphans, and arrogant brooding heroes. There was the other woman (always a nasty piece of work), the class-conscious mother-in-law, and yes, even the occasional kiss. They were absolutely wonderful: the perfect one-hour remedy for when reality became a challenge.’

But there was only one row of them, so once she’d read and returned the lot (for someone else to discover) she began to write her own. These days she writes for Harlequin’s Modern Extra series.

Booklist :: Bio :: Day in the Life :: Under the Spotlight :: Website :: eHarlequin

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