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Take an international city background that vividly conveys the buzz of cosmopolitan life, an independent woman who cherishes her urban family, her friends, and knows what she wants from love and her career, and a guy who's confident, easygoing and gorgeously sexy, put ‘em together and what have you got?

Pure temptation in book form!

If that sounds like your cuppa tea, then take a deep breath and dive into the cyber home of the hottest, sexiest, funnest books you're ever going to get your hands on.


These gems of which we speak are now released the whole world over!

Mills and Boon Modern Extra books, originally published in the UK, can be found in Australia and New Zealand under the Sexy Sensation banner, and in North America as collections of Harlequin Promotional Presents.


Come back every month to check out our 'What's New?' pages to:

a) get a gander at the full list of that month’s releases in the UK and Australia and New Zealand with covers and blurbs and links to buy the books online

b) find the most up to date reviews, news and interviews!


Click on their links on the sidebar to discover booklists, bios, super hot excerpts, sexy secrets revealed as they go under the spotlight, pics of their favourite hero inspiration (nothing like a bit of eye candy to start your day off right!), their favourite travel spots in and out of their novels, and lots of fun trivia!

You can also find the rundown on their websites, blogs, and where to find their books online.

Here at sensationalromance.blogspot.com we promise sighworthy tales of fabulous flirting, superior sex, and of course the pure pleasure of being there on the spot as two people fall in love...

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