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~ Do you have a favourite city in which you set your novels?

All of my books to date have been set in Ireland and one of my absolute favourite places is Dublin - it's just such a fun city; lively, full of history and with the kind of shopping and night-life I just know my characters would LOVE. Plus it's within travelling distance of where I live and I have some GREAT friends there so it's great to have another excuse to go visit for - you know - research

~ Show us your favourite ever covers?

The cover on the left for White-Hot was just FANTASTIC and we all had fun at varying writer's 'do's' all over the world making him do the *eyes test* - set the book on a shelf and watch as his eyes follow you around the room - *spooky*!!! And the one on the right for The Return Of The Rebel is just so darned sensual!!! I'd kiss him... ;)

~ If you had a list of five celebrities you were allowed to snog without repercussions from your partner, who would they be?

Ha! No partner so I can do this without fear of repercussion!

Tom Welling - from Smallville (I have a Superman *thing* but then I'd also like to be Erica Durance's Lois Lane...)

Jensen Ackles - from Supernatural fame

Han Solo - but not Harrison Ford (bit too crinkly for me now I'm afraid...)

Kyle Chandler - from First Edition

Justin Hartley - Green Arrow from Smallville fame... fulfils my superhero quota and there's just something about him in Green Leather... YUM...

~ Who do you use as hero inspiration more than any other man?

Oh well, now y'see I like to think I'm always on the look-out for *hero inspiration* and that I have a *good eye*... Tom Welling will forevermore be just the one character to me now but Justin Hartley pics I've used twice so you just never know... I have a plot just WAITING for Jensen Ackles tho... ;)

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