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You know, I've never actually written one of these before... How on earth did I manage that one? I like to think it involved a certain level of skill myself!

Anyhoo my day varies according to the time of year - not Spring, Summer, Autumn, etc but whether horses are 'out' or 'in'.... If they're 'in' then the day starts with feeding them and replacing empty hay nets and checking rugs and then off for some breakfast while they eat. After breakfast I go turn out, weather permitting, and do some boxes and when that's all done and I've had lunch then it's time for emails and blogs and any website updates that need doing.

(When they're living out you can skip all the early stuff - add a lie in 'cos I write at night - and then skip straight to the emails et all...)

Afternoon can vary according to the light left outside and any horse stuff or lunches with friends or ikkle shopping trips I might be doing and then once the horses are tucked in for the night and I've got settled in I'll start down to the serious business of writing! This can vary according to how much time I have and I try to give myself a daily wordcount to hit according to how close to deadline I am - something I'm gonna have to be more conscious of come 2008 when I go to six books a year (three for Modern Heat et all and three for the Romance imprint). So we can have any of these according to where I am in the greater scheme of things:

· Inspiration Time: This is the small gap I have between books to shift my head from one *world* into another. And this stage is vitally important for me 'cos I'm not one of those people who can work on more than one book at a time - when I'm working on a book I eat, drink, breathe and sleep in that *world* and I like to hope that shows in the finished product ;) So once one book is gone I take time to seek inspiration - I watch movies, take day trips or small breaks away from the cave, shop for new music and read books outside of my own lines and I take time to watch TV and listen to the news. And *usually* somewhere in there I'll find a seed of an idea and once I have that I go on to stage 2...

· Backwards Casting: This is my own little method for building my new world to go live in in my head (And you can find all the steps on the Writing Tips Page on my Website) Basically I shop for pictures of a hero and heroine, I name them, I make a collage on my laptop of pics that will give me key scenes, I decide on a location and I then write a one page *pitch* for my editor so she can call or email me to bounce around any ideas or deal with any problems she has on it...

· Getting Down To Writing: Once the pitch is accepted and I have all my research done then I look at the deadline and work out how many words I need to be doing per day in order to get close to it ;) (Tho that doesn't always work if life gets in the way and I do tend to be a bit of a lazy ass if I have too much time and then end up writing the bulk of it in the last three weeks...)

· Editing and Polishing: My first draft is ALWAYS rough. I run on the 'can't edit a blank page' theory and so my first draft tends to be fairly quick and only once I have it done does the actual work of turning it into something *good* begin - mind you with tighter deadlines I'm learning to try and edit a bit as I go along - no matter how much my muse protests!

· Sending To Editor: Once it's wung it's way off to Richmond I then allow myself time to sort out the mess of the rest of my life while I've been writing. Friends can always tell how close I am to deadline by the mess of my house... So once it's gone and I've slept some, I do things like laundry and dishes and vacuuming and dusting and the place is then theoretically ready for me to ignore it while I work on the next one. This also becomes some of that time I need to move my head from one world to another and look for inspiration for the next one (I'm a woman - I can MULTI-TASK)

· Copy Edits: These INEVITABLY arrive slap bang in the middle of another book so I have to lift my poor head from one world and put it back in another for 24hrs... At this point I *hope* the difficult books read better than they felt to write... And I ALWAYS turn them round fast so I don't lose too much time putting my head back where it was before...

. Revisions: Actually I LOVE these. My Editor and I have a great working relationship now and once she's read the book she always rings me to chat about it and bounce ideas back and forth on how we can tighten it up. Once we've spent our usual half hour to an hour and a half doing this she then sends me bulletin points and I work my way through them. This can happen a couple of times - thankfully normally with less on a second run - and there has only actually been ONE TIME in my entire career where I've had a book go through with NONE (still freaks me out to this day and makes me think there was *more* I should/could/might have done. So really I'm better off WITH revisions cos then I feel I've actually done the work...)

. Excerpt Page: ONLY once the book has gone through the acquisitions meeting on a Friday in Richmond do I add the Excerpt Page to my Website. This is a kind of superstitious ritual for me - 'cos to start the page before the book is sold is tempting fate in my mind - and even after a career with *no rejections* (ducks for the throwing of rotten fruit in my direction) I'm still waiting for the first one to come my way!!! Once that page goes onto the Website I'm done with the book 'til I promote it when it comes out. And by then I'll have done all the other stages on this list probably a good three or four times...

Of course there are days when I'm off to writer's *do's* or conferences or talks and the like - and there are times during the day when my horse is living in that I try to spend a couple of hours *quality* time with him - especially out hacking round the gorgeous country lanes we have here. But in general that's the gist of my days...

Well - that and time spent IM'ing writing friends to see what they're doing with their days that is... ;)

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