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Trish currently lives in County Fermanagh, Ireland - right on the border between North and South and within *hitting distance* of Counties Donegal and Leitrim. She's a single gal and shares her life with her cats and her horses and a plethora of friends and family who all live nearby in equally as small rural communities as the one she lives in herself.

She's another author who had wanted to write for Mills & Boon since she was a teenager - telling friends and whoever would listen that was what she would do it one day - 'you just wait and see'. After varying careers ranging from Promotions and Marketing and Sales she went back to her roots and trained with horses, completing BHS exams and teaching small kids to sit on ponies while she competed on the local circuit with her own horse One Day-Eventing.

After an accident Show-Jumping, when she ended up with blood clots that were caught working their way up an artery to her heart, Trish had some time to re-evaluate the dreams she'd once had for her life and decided to go back to a book she had started writing at eighteen. That book was her first submission, her first sale and later went on to win her first award when The Bridal Bet won the Romantic Time's Reviewer's Choice Award for Best First Series Book of 2005.

Trish continued to work full time as a Professional Show Groom on the UK and Irish circuit while writing her first few books - no mean feat while working a forty to sixty hour and travelling! But when an old injury to her shoulder placed her flat on her back for a month she knew it was time to make a decision between two jobs she loved and writing won with Trish going full time in September 2005.

Since then Trish's Romance line books have earned her another two Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award nominations, finaled in the Virginia Romance Writer's HOLT Medallion, finalled in the EPPIE Award for e-books and won several Cataromance Reviewers Choice Awards and nominations along the way.

When she branced out into Modern Extra her first book - White-Hot - won a Cataromance Reviewer's Choice Award and when released as a Harlequin Promotional Presents under the title The Firefighter's Chosen Bride made it onto the Waldenbooks Best-Seller list with the other three Modern Extras.

You can find out more about Trish and her books on her website, http://www.trishwylie.com/.

Booklist :: Bio :: Day in the Life :: Under the Spotlight :: Website :: eHarlequin :: Blog

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