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Sometime around

7.30 a.m., someone, or something, drags me from my dreams. My poodles pouncing on the mattress...the cat clawing at the mattress…our youngest, asleep in the middle, wetting the ¾

So, I’m out of bed. After I get the lunches done, I whip through any outstanding homework, find that missing sock, and drop my three beautiful daughters off at school in record time. Then I roll back home to…

Blissful quiet.

Lots of writers love to write to music. Could be due to the fact that after 3 p.m. I forget how to spell the word ‘peace’, but I prefer the sweet sound of silence while I work.

After a brief encounter with the dust-bunnies and laundry, I check my emails (and again) then delve into the business of the day. Might be revisions, edits, or critting for my fantastic CPs. But if it’s writing a brand new story, I don’t usually hit ‘the zone’ till an hour before school lets out. Then ¾ wouldn’t you know ¾ the words flow like honey.

The kids are collected then it’s a splash in the pool, more homework, dinner, and perhaps a re-run of Shrek or maybe some rare ‘adult TV’ time (I’m talking Law and Order, ladies). When all is quiet again, I usually break my New Year’s resolution (“I solemnly vow to be in bed by ten”) and write till 2 in the morning. I would love to wake up at dawn and jog down tree-lined streets to the twittering of birds, but no escaping reality…my brain functions best after hours.

And in between, when I get a chance, I read. Perfect if I can lose myself in a fantastic story lounging back against my husband while he surfs the channels and bundles me close.

Yeah, life is good J

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