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The ideal:

· Wake at 8

· Check emails, Internet research if needed.

· Write all day with kids occupying themselves.

· Ingest food when needed.

· Stop around 5 for smooch when very own personal hero walks through the front door.

· Take in a movie, chat, sip wine, flirt and cuddle with hero mentioned above. Kids fed, bathed, asleep with no fuss.

· Unwind with a good book before falling asleep.

The reality:

· Wake anytime between 6.00 and 7.00, depending when my kidlet and baby decide it is time for mummy to get up (this is after waking several times during the night with baby!)

· Feed baby, change nappy then feed kidlet before cleaning up kitchen mess, put umpteenth load of washing on for the week and pull on the first set of clothes I can find while trying to multi-task.

· Check emails and update blogs while simultaneously playing with Thomas the Tank Engine, Lightning McQueen.

· Get down on the floor to play with baby and kidlet: building blocks, trains and jigsaw puzzles a must, along with rattles and squeezy toys for bub. Followed by Play-do and painting while baby naps.

· Lunch for baby, kidlet and moi.

· Afternoon entertainment commences, including more trains, dinosaurs and reading, with rattle shaking for baby. Quiet time (especially for mummy) enforced!

· Evening commences with cooking dinner for family, unpacking dishwasher, folding washing and preparing for next day.

· Bath time for baby and kidlet, story time and bed time, when mummy finally gets to sit down at the computer and commence her writing work ‘day’ at 8.30pm

· Fall into bed about 3 hours later, secure in the knowledge I’ll be doing it all over again tomorrow. (on a minimum of sleep!!)

· (PS. I love every minute of every day!!)

Booklist :: Bio :: Day in the Life :: Under the Spotlight :: Website :: eHarlequin :: Blog

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