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Kelly Hunter :: Under the Spotlight

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~ Do you have a favourite city in which you set your novels?

I’m very partial to the cities of South East Asia: Hong Kong, Penang, Singapore, Shanghai and the like… (okay, strictly speaking, Shanghai is not in South East Asia. I knew that). They’re such an intriguing blend of East meets everything else. I’ve lived in a few of these cities over the years and although they’re not nearly as wild as they used to be, they still have a dark and vibrant edge that never fails to fascinate. Hey, lady, what you want? Whatever you want. Anything, anytime…

~ Show us your favourite ever covers?

She looks pretty happy to me. And he looks… invested. I do like a man who can focus.

~ If you had a list of five celebrities you were allowed to snog without repercussions from your partner, who would they be?

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Mal - from Serenity fame

The Doctor - David Tennant style

Captain Jack Harkness - from Torchwood

James Bond - Sean, Pierce, Daniel… I’m easy (clearly)

I’m sensing a pattern here. There’s just something about a man with a little bit of power and a whole lot of rogue in him…

~ Who do you use as hero inspiration more than any other man?

Right now?

Right now I’m a tad besotted with Owen Harper, one of the BBC Torchwood TV series characters. He’s clever, vulnerable, screwed up, caring, cutting, passionate, and ever so slightly destructive. And it shows. I mean, just look at the man. Still looking? I thought so…

Booklist :: Bio :: Day in the Life :: Under the Spotlight :: Website :: eHarlequin

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