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6:50am Alarm goes off. Press snooze.

6:59 Alarm goes off. Don’t press snooze.

7:00 Breakfast for kids, husband, dogs, cat, chooks, cows, pig, and garden plants.

8:00 Everyone but me leaves for work, school, or the paddock they’re spending the day in. Hallelujah. Breakfast for me. (although three days a week I leave for the day job as well).

8:10 Emails and put a load of washing on (have you any idea how smelly teenage boys get? I mean, what do they do? Hunker down on the pigpen floor and roll in it?)

9:00 Sit at desktop computer and write. Find laptop computer and a sunny spot and write. Graze the fridge. Write. Hang washing out. Write. Walk dogs. Think about what I want to write. Get back and write. Shower in there somewhere.

3:30pm Collect kids, ferry them to sports trainings, music lessons, and after school whatnots. Take laptop. Wait and write (sometimes).

6:30 Home. Park two loaves of bread and a jar of peanut butter or jam on the kitchen counter. Turn around, turn back. Gone. Fruit in fruit bowl? Gone. Remember the grocery shopping that was supposed to happen but didn’t. Improvise. Check the freezer. Bless the inventor of the microwave oven. Start defrosting things. Order troops to do the outside jobs that go with farmlet living.

7:30 Dinner on table. My youngest (the culinary critic) sighs. Everyone else just eats it.

8:00pm Music – there’s always music. Piano, strings, woodwind, live or recorded, and it’s always magic. Perhaps a glass of wine. A catch up on comings and goings: a new romance, a sporting great moment, a request for more socks (or more food), a request for longer trousers. A rundown on who’s doing what tomorrow and how many places I have to be at once. Perhaps another wine.

9:30 People fade off to shower and bed. I fade away too, but the laptop comes with me. Sometimes I use it (particularly when a deadline looms). And sometimes not. I love to write. But you’ve got to live.

Booklist :: Bio :: Day in the Life :: Under the Spotlight :: Website :: eHarlequin

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