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I’m not naturally a routine-oriented person, but since I’ve become a mum my life follows a pretty predictable schedule.

I’m woken up at around six by my son singing in his cot. We have a cuddle and a play before we go downstairs for breakfast. While he eats and then plays, I catch up on my “business”--emails, blog, promotion--interrupted every five minutes or so by preventing my son from killing himself on a previously undiscovered hazard.

When he goes down for a nap, the writing begins. I’ve discovered that if I write an average of 1000 words a day, I can write three books a year without too much stress. Sometimes, the 1000 words comes while my son is sleeping. More often, I have to fit in bits of writing throughout the day. If I don’t do 1000 words one day, I have to do more the next day to catch up. On the other hand, if I finish my 1000 words early, that’s it--I can relax.

My husband works for rock bands and he’s often off on tour. But when he’s home, he takes our son for a walk after his nap; they run errands and go to the park and play. Usually I spend this time writing. We call it “Mummy’s Mucky Book Hour.” I wish I could go with them, but it gives me valuable working time and it lets them bond.

In the afternoons my son and I (and my husband, if he can) usually go on an expedition somewhere--to meet other mums and babies, or to run errands, or just for a walk. He’s in bed by 7.30 and, after a little “adult time”, it’s time for me to finish up my 1000 words, or prepare the course I’m teaching next, or correct proofs or whatever. Sometimes I even get to sit down with my husband and watch a movie or have a conversation.

If left to my own devices I’m a night owl, but with a young baby you grab your sleep when you can, so I’m in bed by ten most nights. If I’m lucky, I’ll dream about the story I’m writing.

Booklist :: Bio :: Day in the Life :: Under the Spotlight :: Website :: eHarlequin :: Blog

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