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Heidi has always been a romance junkie but didn’t always know she wanted to be a romance writer. In fact, it took her a ridiculously long time to figure it out.

At 13 the grand plan was to marry Paul Newman (Paul was pushing 50 and there was the small matter of Joanne Woodward, so that was a non-starter). As a teen she tried acting (for about a nano-second) and as a college student she had dreams of being a film director (only to discover it was too much like hard work). Eventually, she blagged her way into a job as a film reviewer at The Daily Mail. Ten years, one husband, two sons and about 500 Jean Claude Van Damme films later and she was ready to try something new. Having dreamt up great heroes, heroines and plot lines in her head she finally put pen to paper — or rather finger to keyboard — and, after more false starts than she cares to mention, got her first novel Bedded by a Bad Boy published in April 2007. She’s given up most of her film reviewing work now to concentrate on her new grand plan — being a bestselling Mills and Boon author — but, that said, she still finds time to watch the odd movie, especially ones with Johnny Depp in.

Anyone who wants to chat to Heidi about her books or romance writing in general (or Johnny Depp in particular) can contact her on her website http://www.heidi-rice.com/.

Booklist :: Bio :: Day in the Life :: Under the Spotlight :: Website :: eHarlequin :: Blog

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