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~ Tell us about your first crush!

That would have to be my first boyfriend Heath. We were born in the same country town hospital about two weeks apart and grew up together. When we were barely two our silly parents left their leftover wine on the coffee table and we managed to snaffle the dregs from a good dozen glasses. Sneaky, huh? And I have a photo of us snuggled beneath a towel sharing our first kiss. But that had nothing to do with the wine. Promise. Completely different day ;).

~ If you had a list of five celebrities you were allowed to snog without repercussions from your partner, who would they be?

Have you seen the Friends episode where Ross had Isabella Rossellini on his list but he changed it, laminated the final cut and then actually met Isabella Rossellini? Classic! My current list, a list that has evolved over the years, a list of which my husband has a twin (I’m serious!) includes: Italian actor Raoul Bova, gorgeous Brit actor Jeremy Northam, Mr Big himself Chris Noth, tennis player Marat Safin & Josh Duhamel from TV’s Las Vegas.

~ Show us your favourite ever cover?

Oooh, that’s a hard one! Some covers I love because the hero and heroine look exactly as I imagine them in my head. Others I love because of the super romantic feeling evoked.

But as to favourite ever... I’ll pick two. And funnily enough they would be my first Modern Heat, GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS, and my first Harlequin Romance, THE WEDDING WISH, which may have a bit to do with the thrill of getting the books in the mail making them really feel real! But also beacuse the Harlequin Romance is so sunny and lovely and the Modern Heat is just super hot!

~ Do you have a favourite city in which you set your novels? If so why is it such a sexy city?

Melbourne to be sure. It’s my home city. And it’s quite simply gorgeous.

Think gothic architecture, fabulous fashion as far as the eye can see, four distinct seasons, sports mad customs including the biggest event on the yearly calendar: glamorous Spring Racing, culture everywhere you look, and more restaurants than people, there are so many nooks and crannies and alleys and mountains and beaches and historic suburbs in which I can land my heroes and heroines and simply watch how they react against not only one another but the intensity of their surrounds as well.

~ Who do you use as hero inspiration more than any other man?

Easy. That would be one Christian Bale. He’s been my favourite actor since I was thirteen. I’ve seen EVERY movie he’s ever made and have found him to be an utter chameleon, convincing in any role, he was born the same year as me, got married in the same year and same place as me (Las Vegas, 2000) and I've always felt there was a special connection between us. Oh, and he's pretty darned gorgeous right?

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